Wednesday, July 14, 2010

L.A. Times: An Embarrassing Lack of Focus

While President Obama displays record setting neglect of the pardon power and Jan Brewer is ignoring the unanimous recommendations of her own State's clemency board, the Los Angeles Times is wasting massive editorial space on a possible posthumous pardon for Billy the Kid. It is no wonder that many people find the pardon power an waste of time! Marc Lee Gardner writes:
Just what would a pardon for Billy the Kid mean? It can no longer help the Kid, of course, whose body lies buried beneath a stark metal cage at Ft. Sumner. Richardson would certainly make headlines, but after that would Billy lose some of his outlaw mystique? Would Garrett's obsession be made ridiculous? Would the two deputies killed during Billy's sensational daylight jailbreak have died in vain? ... regardless of Billy's crimes, the motives of Richardson or the hollowness of posthumous justice, it all comes back to Wallace's promise. A deal is a deal, and 129 years doesn't change that. Billy is owed a pardon.
We agree that a pardon for the long dead Billy the Kid would be be a senseless "hollow" publicity gimmick that would truly benefit no one and only add a further measure of un-needed ill-repute for a very serious gubernatorial power. On the other hand, we do see one beneficiary that Gardner has somehow over looked in his searing analysis. You see Marc Lee Gardner is the author of a new book on Billy the Kid, that just came out earlier this year. See full story here.

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Anonymous said...

The territorial governor who promised Billy the Kid a pardon had that right, probably along with the President, because Congress gave it to him. What right does the Governor of a state have to pardon someone for what were essentially federal, not state crimes? Isn't that up to the President? GL

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