Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York: Call for Pardon

Black Star News is calling on Governor David Paterson to pardon one John White, who is convicted of  second-degree manslaughter. The case began when White's 19 year old son woke him up one night in 2006 to tell him that a mob was outside of the house and anxious to beat him up. The threat was sparked by an  online posting claiming that White's son was planning on raping one of the group's friends. White had his wife call 911, grabbed a shot gun and went outside. There followed yelling, insults, a tustle, gunfire and a death. White was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and third-degree weapons violations.

The New York State Supreme Court "a reasonable person in the defendant’s position, and with his background and experiences, would not have believed that the use of deadly physical force was necessary to prevent the teenagers from unlawfully entering or attempting to enter his home to commit a crime, and that the shooting was thus not justified.” But the Black Star News believes the fact that White's grandfather's business, in Alabama,  was "torched" by the Klan back in the 1920s. It also notes:
This case reeks of racist double-standard. Some say Mr. White should’ve waited for the police. Perhaps, if he had the police would’ve reached in time to save his family from being victimized. How many of us—faced with a similar situation—would take that chance? ...Question: if John White was white, and the defendants Black, do you think the verdict would’ve been the same?
Interested readers can see an online petition here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/pardonjohnwhite/ See Black Star News story here.

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