Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blago Convicted, But It Is Not Over!

Convicted on 1 count! That's right, just 1!

Historically, State governors have had a pretty good record of having charges against them dropped, convictions being overturned, acquittal and clemency (pardons and commutations of sentence).

Here is PardonPower's list of governors in trouble, Illinois governors are highlighted in bold print.

John Quitman, MS (1851) - indicted, resigned
Zebulon Vance, NC (1865) - arrested as Confederate, beneficiary of amnesty
David Butler, NE (1871) - impeached, removed, then impeachment was expunged
William H. Holden, NC (1871) - impeached, removed
Rufus Brown Bullock, GA (1871) - resigned, acquitted
Adelbert Ames, MS (1876) - impeached, resigned
William Sulzer, NY (1913) - impeached, removed
James E. Ferguson, TX (1917) - indicted, resigned right before impeachment
Lennington Small, IL (1922) - acquitted
John C. Walton, OK (1923) - impeached, removed
Warren T. McCray, IN (1924) - convicted, resigned, then pardoned
Henry S. Johnston, OK (1929) - impeached, removed
Henry Horton, TN (1931) - impeached, then acquitted
William Langer, ND (1934) - convicted, vacated office, then acquitted
Richard Leche, LA (1939) - resigned, convicted, pardoned
William G. Stratton, IL (1965) - acquitted 
Otto Kerner, IL (1973) - convicted after term, prison
Dan Walker, IL (1977) - convicted after term, prison
Marvin Mandel, MD (1977) - resigned, commutation of sentence
Ray Blanton, TN (1981) - vacated office, acquitted, then convicted after term
Evan Mecham, AZ (1988) - impeached, removed, then acquitted
Guy Hunt, AL (1993) - convicted, then removed
David Walters, OK (1994) - indicted, plead guilty to misdemeanor
Jim Guy Tucker, AR (1996) - convicted, then resigned
J. Fife Symington, AZ (1997) - convicted, resigned, won an appeal, then pardoned
Edwin W. Edwards, LA (1998) - convicted after term, pardon application in
Edward DiPrete, RI (1998) - convicted after term
John G. Rowland, CN (2004) - resigned, then convicted
James McGreevey, NJ (2004) - resigned
Bob Taft, OH (2006) - convicted of four misdemeanors
George Ryan, IL (2006) - convicted after term, prison, pardon application in
Ernie Fletcher, KY (2006) - indicted, charges dropped
Don Siegelman, AL (2006) - indicted, charges dropped, convicted after term
Eliot Spitzer, NY (2008) - resigned, no charges filed
Rod Blagojevich, IL (2010) - impeachedconvicted

1 comment:

John Thacker said...

Zebulon Vance was governor of North Carolina, not SC. Also, he too was pardoned (as part of a general amnesty, though he had to apply for it.) He was governor again some time later too, after the pardon.

Easy to remember for this North Carolinian as he has a county (Vance County) and a town (Zebulon in Wake County) named after him.

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