Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nebraska: Commutation

The Omaha World Herald reports that the State's Board of Pardons has voted to commute the life-sentence of 54-year old Reginald Bennett, who was convicted of first degree murder in the late 70s. The commutation reduced Bennett's sentence to 64 to 90 years. As he has now served 32 years, he would be eligible for release on supervised parole later this year. Bennett has been described as a "model prisoner" who "accepted Christ" in prison and has a "low" risk of recidivism.

The commutation, however, came via a 2-1 vote and over the "vehement objections" of Governor Dave Heineman. The Board consists of the State's Attorney General, John Bruning. Secretary of State, John Gale, and the Governor. The Herald guesses that the State's Board has acted in this manner maybe two times in some two decades. See full story here and here.

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