Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome Back, Mr. Clemens!

It is reported that a federal grand jury has indicted former major league baseball pitching great Roger Clemens for lying to Congress! The indictment includes one count of obstruction of Congress, two counts of perjury and three counts of making false statements. That all amounts to about 30 years of prison (appropriately 4.28 years per Cy Young Award) and more than a million dollars in fines!

When we last left Mr. Clemens, he was the focus of very mild speculation (most of it within the State of Texas and/or via attorney Richard Emery) concerning a possible last-minute presidential pardon from fellow Texan George W. Bush. Meanwhile Clemens' lawyerRusty Hardin, maintained that such speculation was the mere sport of the "insane" and/or people (like this blogger) "with too much time on their hands," because his client would "never" be convicted of anything.

At the time of this post, Mr. Hardin is speechless re three decades of prison his client is facing. He will, no doubt, get back to the media with some witty remark ASAP. One now might recall former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's rather chipper insistence, several months ago, that he had "nothing but sunshinehanging over him.

Welcome back to PardonPower's Watch List, Mr. Clemens! See story here and here.

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