Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carter on Pardoning Draft Dodgers

Former President Jimmy Carter had the following comments to make, on Larry King Live:
CARTER: -- make official things that I had decided to do. One of the things I did was among the most controversial I ever did. And that was to pardon the so-called draft dodgers who escaped into Canada. And I did that before I ever began to walk down toward the Oval Office.
KING: Wow. Did that come up in the campaign, that issue?
CARTER: No, it never did. No.
KING: But you knew you were going to do it?
CARTER: Yes, I knew I was going to do it. A lot of people that were families of those men who -- and a few women I think -- who went to Canada and they were -- they wanted to come back home. So I just issued a blanket pardon for them. I got some criticism, obviously, because a lot of folks thought the draft dodgers should be executed for treason and so forth.
For more on Carter's controversial pardons, see this post. See full Larry King interview here.

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