Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wisconsin: DA Support for Sex?

An Oklahoma City law student is accusing a District Attorney of sexual harrassment via text messaging while she was seeking his support for her own clemency application. Maria Ruskiewicz was prosecuted by Ken Kratz, in 1997, for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. In 2008, she met with Kratz and asked him to support her application for clemency. She admits that she later sent Kratz a text message thanking him for his support, but claims Katz then bombarded her with suggestive messages and sent angry messages when she did not reply. She is actually the third woman to come forward in recent weeks to accuse Kratz of such behavior. It appears that Gov. Jim Doyle (Wisconsin) did grant Ruskiewicz a pardon last month, and that Kratz continued to support the application. See story here and here.

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