Monday, October 4, 2010

Argument: Old. Harmless. Above the Law

In this piece, an author argues that clemency should be given to 85-year-old Chris McNair because McNair is "sick" and "old" and will not physically harm anyone else. Otherwise, the author says there is just no "purpose" in sending McNair to prison - the felonies and abuses of power he committed while supervising the Jefferson County sewers notwithstanding. The supposedly "disgraced" McNair and his lawyer could not agree more. That is exactly why they also see no reason not to give both clemency and erase a $450,000 restitution fee. It appears remorse and repentance are not in McNair's play book. And what good is sucking half a million dollars out of a proud, unrepentant, former public-official and felon who isn't going to hurt anyone! See complete story here.

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