Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arizona: Brewer Still Drunk With Power

ABC 15 reports that Governor Jan Brewer (R) "abruptly ended her own press conference" yesterday when asked about her decision to refuse clemency - without explanation - to a man deemed innocent by the Arizona Justice Project and the State's own Board of Executive Clemency.

In Brewer's defense, over the past year, she has provided excessively insulting boiler-plate commentary on her decision, which could be applied to any other clemency decision that she has made - e.g.,"It's an unfortunate situation. I appreciate your concerns. But I have made my decision and it's final." Brewer has not, however, ever even attempted to address the decision making of the State's Board.

So, yesterday, Brewer was asked:
"He's 75. He's got heart problems and arthritis ... To say that he's a threat to public safety? Why won't you release him?"
ABC 15 says Brewer - like any 17th century queen drunk with power - was "surprised" by the question. It has only been tossed at her a half dozen times now! And, because she can, she turned on her heels and walked away. See ABC 15 report here.

See our previous commentary on Brewer's abuse of power here.

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