Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arkansas: After the Fact Genius!

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times' "Arkansas Blog" is still still trying to make political hay out of the Maurice Clemmons incident. He makes a seemingly great point : "But you'd search without success for Clinton clemency beneficiaries who went on to murder multiple times."

But, of course, he really shoots off the foot of his own argument. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find any example of someone who was pardoned who "went on to murder multiple time" state or federal, anywhere in American history. That is exactly the point. The episode was a freakish and rare event.

That is exactly why we should all reject after-the fact-commentary on this matter masquerading as legitimate criticism and/or analysis. Anyone acting like they would have clearly seen what no one else saw deserves nothing but scorn and rebuke. Brantley is, evidently, no smarter than Huckabee. After all, he (Brantley) made no predictions about the murders. Nor did anyone else. That's right, not one person. I guess if Huckabee is an idiot, then we all are and Brantley should man up and stand in line with the rest of the idiots. See Brantley's comments here.


Anonymous said...

Actually Huckabee either pardoned or got out of prison another person who went on to rape and murder several woman. Therefore, it is not that much of a freakish event.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: Again, I will go slow ... Huckabee never pardoned Clemmons (as I suspect you well know) and he did not "get him out of prison" - the State's parole board did. Any particular reason why you insist on misrepresenting this at every turn?

Is is more than you can stand to simply write "commuted the sentence to make Clemmons eligible for parole?" Are you paying by the letter or something?

As for your "argument" that two supposed examples make something commonplace ... well, that speaks for itself

Anonymous said...

As to your first point, you are correct, I was lazy with my typing.
As far as your second point, these two examples are simply the examples that the press got wind of. There have been other cases where people were released from prison via clemency or pardons, or the path was made easier, ie Clemmons,who have gone on to commit other crimes. Hence I repeat, it is not a freakish event. It does happen and is why pardons need to be controled and limited.

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