Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baseball! October! No Mercy!

With the World Series afoot, we are reminded that, last year, around this time, we had a kind of compelling, irresistible, Major-League-Baseball-Saturday-afternoon-"Game-of-the-Week"-official-statistician-Alan-Roth-urge ...

We noted that, for eight years, George W. Bush did not grant a single pardon or commutation in the month of October. Bill Clinton granted seven pardons in October in eight years (all of them in October of 2000). George H.W. Bush granted zero pardons and commutations in the month of October. As a result: Across 20 years, three different presidents, both Republican and Democrat, a grand total of seven pardons had been granted in the month of October - and all of them by one president, in a single October.

Now, of course, we can add president Obama's administration to the analysis. Of course, he has yet to grant a single pardon or commutation of sentence. So:

20 of the last 21 Octobers, under night lights, against left-handed and right-handed applicants, both home and away, have featured zero pardons and commutations.

Yes, fans, it appears that the odds are better that the Great Pumpkin himself might appear. Maybe next year Linus!

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