Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter from a Reader

Dear Dr. Ruckman,

Our son Georges Najjar's ordeal started on March 16 of 2008 where was incarcerated in Denver, Colorado at the airpot upon his arrival.

He was on the verge of completing his master's degree in education at Loyola University in San Diego, California.

Two month prior to his graduation he became the victim of an entrapment process by a female FBI agent, who posed as a nurse and pretended she cared about him, deploying all tricks and conceivable techniques to brainwash him and to lure him to travel to Denver, CO to meet her after several weeks of chatting on the internet.

As a pious, unexperienced and very naive Lebanese young man, who totally ignored the realities of the American society, he fell for her charms and decided to see her in Denver.

Being thousands of miles away from his country in a strange city, Georges didn't get the proper legal counsel and was not given at all the benefit of justifying himself and proving his innocence.

On July 1st of 2008 he received bail and spent 5 months in St. Rafka Maronite Church in the custody of the parish priest waiting for his trial.

His trial took place on November 25 of 2008, and due to his totally ineffective legal counsel he was served a very hard sentence of 135 months.

We appealed the sentence. This time appointing the best law firm in Colorado and won the appeal on January 20, 2010.

Unfortunately, the American justice system does not allow to appeal the whole case, but only the sentence, which in this case was reduced to 96 months of which he was supposed to serve 85% i.e. 81.6 months.

Our son Georges spent the 27 months he already served in prison preaching the Good Word of the bible, saying souls and redeeming all those who lost their faith.

In February of 2010 and fully convinced of our son's innocence and the injustice of his severe sentence we pleaded to his excellency President Michel Suleiman, our president of the Lebanese republic to request a special pardon for Georges from President Barack Obama, backing our request with the official report of the forensic psychologist who was appointed by the Federal Court in Colorado, and who spent a full year with Georges to assess his behavior and real motives.

His excellency President Suleiman having explored all the facts related to our son's tragedy and after being convinced of his innocence and decent background, kindly endorsed our request and dispatched the request for parson to President Obama in July 2010.

Georges' mother, Sylvie, and I have spent the last two months in Beaumont, Texas near the Federal Prison where our dear son is incarcerated in the hope of witnessing his release and accompany him back home to Lebanon.

We are fully confident that President Obama will gracefully respond to our President's request and give us back our son, a nice man ready to pursue his ambitious career path, and to lead a very decent life in the most God fearing way in his home country Lebanon.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Souheil Najjar, Georges' father


Anonymous said...

What exactly was Georges Najjar found guilty of? Without knowing that, it is impossible to determine if a pardon is warranted.

Andrew MacKie-Mason said...

Here's the ICE press release about the case: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Axg9Yyr8ockJ:www.ice.gov/pi/nr/0811/081125denver.htm+georges+Najjar&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Andrew. Wow..! Hard to feel sorry for someone who's intent "appears" to be pedophilia. A 4, & 5 yr old..?!?! WOW. If true (obviously a court thought so), not the type of case you'd want to pardon, IMO.

los angeles traffic school said...

interesting read and nice written. don't know why Najjar was so found of?

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Anonymous said...

The press release is byoust. I know georges for 30 years, he's a religious and decent man. He might have fallen in love with a woman with two children who would attract his pity but never would have thought about pedophilia. IT's disgusting to write this kind of things. Either there were facts (and it would have been clearly mentionned) or the whole thing was a young forign man being manipulated

Anonymous said...

Let's assume the intention was there. And he pleaded guilty as well. They must have the proof of telephone recorded and all correct?But the action did not take place, so should he serve for so many years in prison? Why don't they just deport him?

Anonymous said...

Shame what this world has come to! Politics and humanity (justice) are at war. May G-d have mercy.

Anonymous said...

That FBI agent must have been Potiphar's wife! Because of her Joseph was led to imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Actually he pleaded guilty first tile following an advice from his lawyer. After being sentenced he appealed and changes lawyer. He was declared not guilty by the appeal court after a thorough assesment of the evidences (basically none). But his sentence has been shortened but not canceled. This is a heart breaking story.

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