Sunday, October 24, 2010

New York: Christmastime is Near!

Gov. Paterson brought considerable attention to himself six months ago when he announced that he would consider granting pardons to immigrants who have “contributed as New Yorkers and who deserve relief from deportation or indefinite detention.”

The New York Times now reports that Paterson's initiative "is finally coming to fruition — with little time to spare." The Governor is now said to be "swamped" with boxes containing "hundreds" of clemency petitions and a five-member "special clemency panel" is sifting through them and making recommendations. The Times also reports that there is an expectation of over 1,000 such requests.

To date, Governor Paterson has granted only two pardons to legal permanent residents. His term ends on December 31.

PardonPower suggests that, while the panel is "sifting," it should revisit the case of John O'Hara! See Times story here.

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