Monday, October 18, 2010

Post: Beating Huckabee's Dead Horse Once More (for Cheap Thrills)

The Washington Post reports that former Governor Mike Huckabee "granted clemency" to a "killer" (Maurice Clemmons) "despite" Clemmons' record. But, before another reader trips over a long-dead horse, let it be repeated: Mike Huckabee did not grant a pardon to Maurice Clemmons. He merely commuted Clemmons' sentence, making Clemmons eligible for parole. That is to say, Huckabee granted neither pardon nor parole.

Huckabee's decision was guided, in part, by more than legitimate concerns about the potential effect of racism in the 108-year sentence Clemmons received as a 16-year old - you know, the same concern people are expressing with regard to the Scott sisters. After an examination of Clemmons' case, a State board then unanimously decided to release him.

Yet, oddly, the Post focuses on Clemmons' "record" of violence in prison, and says little or nothing critical of the Board's decision. The focus is, instead on Huckabee "a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2012." That speaks for itself. See Post article here.

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