Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wisconsin: Rare Candy!

The Appleton Postcrescent reports Democratic Gov. (and former prosecutor) Jim Doyle has issued "criminal pardons" at a "torrid pace" since he announced he would not seek re-election. More particularly, the Postcrescent reports that the 85 pardons granted by Doyle over the last twelve months are more than former Gov. Tommy Thompson granted in seven years. Governor Doyle has actually granted 214 pardons since he took office in 2003. The former Governor Thompson granted only 62 pardons from 1994 to 1999.

After the impressive, earth-shaking bone-rattling presentation of these clemency data, the Postcrescent reports:

(1) Doyle has not granted a single commutation of sentence 
(2) He has averaged a mere 18 pardons a year (Torrid?)
(3) All of the pardons that have been granted have been given to applicants after a mandatory waiting period of at least five years 
(4) The crimes addressed in the recent batch of pardons were thus committed between 1958 (you read that right!) and 2001
and (5) :
Doyle’s pardons during the last year mostly have involved low-profile ex-convicts who committed crimes years ago.
Wow! We don't know whether to cry, or fall asleep!

Rep. Scott Suder (R) is said to be righteously upset however. He says, “It should be a rarity to grant pardons," and condemns Doyle  for "just handing pardons out like they were candy.” Suder's is criticism is certain to play well in the minds of dunderheads completely ignorant of the fact that Doyle has gotten almost 600 applications just since January.

One wonders if Mr. Suder would even bother to take his children Trick or Treating in a neighborhood where 85 percent of the houses rejected his children's requests for candy, or simply did not answer the door! What a knucklehead! See story here.

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