Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wisconsin: Suder. One Clueless Dude

Over at the Badger Herald, they are writing about the fact that Gov. Jim Doyle has granted over 85 criminal pardons this year (out of almost 600 applications). The Herald quotes Rep. Scott Suder (R) who says Doyle's 85 percent rejection rate (for 2010) amounts to a "penchant for coddling criminals" and putting "more criminals back on the streets.”

It is a startling charge that is bound to impress any unusually stupid and uninformed citizens of Wisconsin.

In fact, Governor Doyle has not granted a single commutation of sentence (you know, those things that literally pluck prisoners from prison and toss them out in the streets). Doyle has only granted pardons (which restore civil rights), and only then to people who have committed low level crimes and have waited at least five years before applying. That is to say, Doyle did not toss them "back on the streets" - in any meaningful sense of the language. They had already served their time and have been living as the kind of law-abiding citizens that Suder should be celebrating and praising, not misrepresenting and using for campaign fodder.

In sum, in matters related to clemency, Scott Suder is a moron, or one of the most despicable lying jerks Wisconsin politics has ever seen. See story here.

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