Saturday, November 20, 2010

Connecticut: More Sensible than Florida

The long-dead Jim Morrison may be up for pardon in Florida, but in Connecticut, where he was arrested, it simply does not matter. Morrison was arrested in December of 1967 in New Haven. He was fined $25, but the Connecticut Post quotes the director of the State Board of Pardons as saying:
"We don't do that ... Our position has always been that the request for a pardon has to come from the person himself. It's come up before regarding the people convicted as witches. People have gone to the Legislature seeking to exonerate the witches too. The Legislature can pass a resolution, but it can't pardon anybody."
A spokesperson for the governor also says that he does not have the authority to do anything either. See story here.

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Anonymous said...

This is stupid of New Haven to stick their nose in to the Florida situation. In the Florida case, Morrison clearly died before his appeal was heard, which is the primary basis for the Florida Clemency Board considering this request. In the New Haven case, Morrison was tried, convicted and paid a fine. There's nothing to pardon in New Haven. Not sure why the reporter of the New Haven story thought to ask when no such pardon request was ever thought of, with regards to New Haven? While this was an interesting article, it was total nonsense and an uninteresting read. There's no comparing the New Haven and Florida cases.

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