Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida: Mercy for 69-Year Old?

Mary Taylor Christensen - the former wife of the Thrifty-Nickel newspaper publisher - was 64 years old when she hit and killed a 40-year old man with her car. To make matters worse, she fled the scene. To make matters even more worse, she was driving under the influence of alcohol - nearly three times the legal limit to be exact. Christensen told a judge that she wished that she had been the one who died in the incident, but she received an 11-year prison sentence.  Now, after serving two years of her sentence, she is applying for a commutation of sentence from the State's Clemency Board. A state's attorney says she should have to serve out the sentence. She is also reported to be "one of about 80" applications that will "go before the board next week," along with that of the Doors front man Jim Morrison. See story here.

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