Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Illinois: Pardons in the Balance?

There is a lot a stake in this state's race for governor, but one matter is of particular interest to us: Governor Pat Quinn (D) has done an admirable job of trying to straighten out the bizarre clemency mess that former Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) left behind. As Quinn so artfully put it:
"Justice delayed is justice denied. My administration is fully committed to erasing this shameful log jam of cases in a methodical manner and with all deliberate speed ... We are working tirelessly to solve this problem and to make sure it never happens again."
Of course, the daunting project is something Quinn's Republican opponent, Bill Brady, may or may not have any interest in taking on ... we suspect the latter to be the case. In the past, Brady has been critical of Quinn's efforts while, at the same time, refusing to even acknowledge that there is a clemency problem and, as a consequence, offering no solutions.

Meanwhile, they are still counting the votes here in Illinois! See our coverage of Governor Quinn's clemency efforts here.

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