Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wisconsin: Pardon Board Voting Controversy

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting on a controversy regarding the State's Pardon Advisory Board. It notes that, last August, the sentences of two inmates (Walker Johnson and Darryl L. Nortonwere) commuted even though Susan Crawford, the board chairwoman and legal counsel to Governor Doyle, did not vote ... at least not at the meeting. Crawford instead informed the board that she would vote "later." In one instance, hers was the deciding vote. The president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council doesn't like it, even if it was legally acceptable. The Journal Sentinel reports that "the last time a sentence was commuted, rather than pardoned, was in 1995, when Tommy G. Thompson was governor." Norton's commutation was opposed by a Racine County Circuit Judge. See full story here.

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