Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colorado: 20 Pardons!

Gov. Bill Ritter is on his way out of office so he is granting last-minute, Christmas time pardons like 18th century monarch. One of 20 pardons granted today, went to the Reverend Leon Kelley who "has devoted his life to helping teens and ex-convicts escape or avoid gangs." A public statement says the individuals who were pardoned "have demonstrated great remorse, an effort at redeeming themselves from prior criminal acts, and in some cases, significant involvement in their community."

The Governor also says that he pardoned people whose whose careers were affected by their convictions, so they could "move forward forward as a productive member of the workforce, of their community and of society."

Indeed, hopefully, none of the waited too many years for what the Governor is also allowed to do any time during the first three years of the term, and - believe it or not - in all twelve months of the year! In Ritter's defense, his predecessor, Bill Owens (R) granted only 13 pardons in 8 years! See story here.

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Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Governor Ritter granted one pardon prior to the current round, in the four years he has served as Governor.

He has granted no clemency petitions of any kind during his term of office, despite creating a juvenile clemency board on August 29, 2007 to consider the issue.

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