Friday, December 3, 2010

From a Reader:

Ginger Whitacre, the wife of Mark Whitacre (the subject of the recent Matt Damon movie "The Informant") visits this blog every now and then and is kind enough to check in.

She recently sent us a message which said (among other things):
... The clemency process is broken. And it has been for over a decade.

I spent 1,000s and 1,000s of hours trying to have my husband's (Mark Whitacre) sentence commuted while he was in prison. It became a full time job for me. I was calling Samuel T. Morrison and and then-pardon attorney, Roger Adams, about every month or two for years and years during Mark's 9 years of incarceration. I think that they hated to hear that Ginger Whitacre was calling the pardon office again and again. I also had professionals write 100s of letters of support for clemency written to Pardon Attorney Office and the White House, including several from the from 4 FBI agents and also Mark's former U.S. prosecutor, all whom were involved with his prosecution. The FBI agents were even on the national news often showing support for clemency, as shown in the following links as a couple of examples:

After Mark's release 4 years ago, we have put the whole ordeal behind us, and clemency and a pardon are no longer important to us. The transition back into society has been a smooth one for Mark and our family, and it is like the case has never happened. A movie was made about Mark's and ADM's crimes, "The Informant". And now we have been more recently been contacted by a group who are evaluating to produce an inspirational feature film about the family side of the story, ...example, how our marriage and our family survived the 9 years in prison, and how Mark bounced back in his career after prison, and including the years of effort I worked almost full time on clemency. I found the clemency process very frustrating and impossible.

I know all too well what [others are] going through with [their] constant hopes of the possibility of clemency. I lived through 9 Christmases of it not happening but hoping that it would. After I lived through the process for a decade, and I now have zero faith in the clemency process. It is certainly COMPLETELY broken and dysfunctional. They need to overhaul the entire clemency start anew. What they have currently, will never work.

Praying for the best [and] that the clemency system improves for many others lost in the system,Ginger Whitacre
We wish Mark and Ginger nothing but the very best.

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