Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Hampshire: Major Call for Pardon!

More than 100 State Representatives have signed a petition, asking Governor John Lynch to release a 49-year old farmer, one Ward Bird, before Christmas. Bird, the owner of 60 acres, warned an individual to get off of his property, which was posted with "no trespassing" and "private property" signs. At the time, he was carrying a gun. But, according to him, it never left the holster. Oddly, the individual (a convicted felon) was never charged with trespassing, even though she refused to leave the property.

Bird's wife and four children may be hopeful, but, according to this source, it just isn't going to happen. His clemency application is said to be "making its way through the system." After rejecting a plea bargain, Bird did not testify on his own behalf and his lawyers never called a single witness to the stand. The result was a three-year prison sentence.

Since 2005, when he took office, Governor Lynch has granted only 2 pardon "hearings." One of the applications was then denied and the other was tabled. The result is that only about 20 people a year even bother to apply for a pardon in the State of New Hampshire. You can also read more about this story here.

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