Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Mexico: Little Energy for Anything But the Dead Kid

According to this report, Gov. Bill Richardson, while all about making publicity hay out of a potential pardon for the long dead gunslinger Billy the Kid, has been "dragging his feet" when it comes to informing the public about anything else related to clemency in his state. Requests for information "dating back to last month" will "take some time," but his office "is working on it." Peter St. Cyr, a freelance journalist, and The New Mexican asked about clemency applicants last month, but have been told that their requests "are too broad or burdensome."

According to the report, the state has "released information about people who were pardoned or had their sentences commuted" in the past. So, according to The Albuquerque Tribune Richardson pardoned 11 people and commuted 1 sentence in 2004. In 2005, he pardoned 28 people. His predecessor, Gary Johnson, averaged 14 and 18 pardons a year across two terms respectively.

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