Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Mexico: Richardson, A First Class Dunce

What has Gov. Bill Richardson (D) " considered" for "the last eight years?" What "documentation" has he been pouring over? What is his dilemma? Believe it or not: it is whether or not it is a good idea to grant a pardon ... to a fugitive from justice who murdered two officers of the law ... over one hundred years ago !!! Mandatory minimums? Disparate sentences? Overly harsh laws? Battered spouses? Over-zealous prosecutors? Erroneous convictions? Rehabilitation? Restoration of civil rights?

Nonsense. Mere child's play! Richardson is more about making the really tough issues, in matters most relevant to justice and welfare of the citizens of his state ... just before he leaves office!

What could be more idiotic that granting a pardon to a dead outlaw? Why, conducting a public opinion poll on the matter, and hearing from people "all over the world," and counting the results on one's fingers! Richardson says - at present - it is "about 52-48 in favor of the pardon.” Thank Heavens, it was not 51-49, because we all know that that means!

But, not being one to miss an opportunity for subtlety, Richardson has announced that he will not grant a "blanket pardon” for Billy the Kid. Try finding the phrase "blanket pardon" in the Constitution of the State of Mexico! But, no matter, Richardson has explained to CNN that all of the chatter about a possible pardon has "benefited the state," so he is going to "string it out a little bit.”

In the race to make an utter and complete mockery of the pardon power, and to bring it in to disrepute, Bill Richardson is the champion. Help out the State of New Mexico, by reading more on this dumb story here.

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