Friday, December 24, 2010

New York: 24 Pardons for Immigrants Facing Deportation

The New York Daily News reports Gov. Paterson "has granted pardons to 24 people who faced deportation because of their crimes" - many as a result of drug related offenses. In a statement, Patterson said it is "abundantly clear" that "the Federal government's immigration laws are often excessively harsh and in need of modernization." He added that those who "committed past offenses but paid their debt to society" should be"protected from inflexible and misguided immigration statutes."
"That our Federal government does not credit rehabilitation, nor account for human suffering is antithetical to the ideals this country represents. With these pardons, I have selected cases that exemplify the values of New York State and any civilized society: atonement, forgiveness, compassion, and the need to achieve justice, and not simply strict adherence to unjust statutes ... I will not turn my back on New Yorkers who enrich our lives and care for those who suffer."
See full story here.


Anonymous said...

This is a total act of compassion and humanity shown by NY Governor.

Anonymous said...

Good job

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