Friday, December 10, 2010

Pennsylvania: Rendell Generous with Clemency

The CourierPostOnline reports Governor Rendell (a former district attorney) has granted 1,059 pardons "more than twice as many pardons as any other governor in modern times." He is also said to be "considering" dozens of others before he leaves office.

The reports provides the following pardon data for previous governors: Milton Shapp (475), Dick Thornburgh (61), Robert Casey (311), Tom Ridge (270) and Mark Schweiker (338). A spokesperson for the governor, however, says applications increased by a factor of 10 during Rendell's administration.

According to the report, the "most common charges" pardoned by Rendell have been "shoplifting, other forms of theft and drug offenses." He has also been fond of attaching conditions to pardons, which demand no further brushes with the law, or the pardon is cancelled. Most pardon seekers are said to be "motivated by employment-related issues." See full story here.

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