Thursday, December 2, 2010

Texas: Pardon for DeLay?

It is reported that members of the State's Republican Executive Committee are considering a resolution which would call on Gov. Perry to pardon former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who was just convicted of conspiracy and money laundering. The Committee is said to consist of "two members from each of the state’s 31 Senate districts." The resolution reads as follows:
Whereas, then-Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle desperately tried to get five Travis County grand juries to indict then-U.S. House Republican Majority Leader, Tom Delay, on criminal political money laundering charges, based on Earle’s politically-biased beliefs and partisan interpretation of history,

Whereas, five Travis County grand juries that Earle went to for an indictment, refused to indict Tom Delay on Earle’s abusive charges,

Whereas, Earle desperately tried again to indict Tom Delay, again going to yet another Travis county grand jury, lead by longtime Democrat primary voter William M. Gibson Jr., but this one, called by Democrat State District Judge Mike Lynch, thereby allowed Earle to succeed with his desired indictment,

Whereas, a mockery of a show trial of Mr. Delay was recently held in a Travis County court, one of the most Democrat counties in Texas, where Mr. Delay could not possibly get a fair and impartial jury, let alone a fair trial from yet another Democrat judge, where an expectedly biased and partisan jury found him guilty of Earle’s indicted charges,

Be it resolved, that the State Republican Executive Committee calls upon Governor Rick Perry to immediately issue a total pardon of Mr. Delay on all charges, in order to end the absurd political circus and gross abuse of our judicial system by Earle and his successor, as well as the corrupt Democrat judges of that county,

Be it further resolved, that the State Republican Executive Committee calls upon the Texas Legislature to permanently eliminate the authority of the Travis County District Attorney’s office to prosecute state and federal elected officials like Tom Delay, due to the grossly politicized environment of Travis County, as well as to devise a special prosecutor system for cases involving state and federal elected officials, to be overseen and administered jointly by the Attorney General and the Governor of Texas,

Be it further resolved, that this resolution be immediately forwarded via postal and e-mail to Governor Rick Perry.
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