Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wisconsin: The Record of Three Governors

Green Bay's Post reports the three most recent governors (Doyle, McCallum and Thompson, from 1988 to 2010) "pardoned nearly 500 people convicted of crimes." Doyle, the current governor has issued 260 pardons to date, while McCallum granted only 11 (in two years) and Thompson granted 225 (in four years). Doyle has yet to commute a sentence. Thompson did it 5 times.

The reports says "several convicted killers" have been pardoned along the way and, the average age of people who have received pardons from Doyle has been 45. They committed crimes, on average, when they were 23 years old.

The State has a seven-member state Pardon Advisory Board (appointed by the governor) that considers clemency applications and makes recommendations to the governor. Doyle is said to take the process "seriously." And why on earth would he not? See story here.

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