Sunday, January 9, 2011

California: Reaction to Commutation of Sentence reports City Attorney Jan Goldsmith has released a "fiery statement" re Arnold Schwarzenegger's commutation of sentence for Esteban Núñez - the son of former State Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez. It reads:
[Esteban Núñez] is a criminal who was sentenced by an experienced and well-respected Superior Court Judge. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reduced the sentence by over half to help his political crony's son. In doing so, he undermined the judicial system and has jeopardized public safety. This homicide occurred in the City of San Diego. I speak for the overwhelming majority of San Diegans in stating that we are appalled and angry over Mr. Schwarzenegger's conduct. It reflects poorly on him, personally, and on his legacy as governor.
Núñez received a 16-year prison sentence for his part in a 2008 murder. The district attorney (who was not consulted) is also said to have been "shocked" to hear of the commutation and of the belief that it "greatly diminishes justice for victim [and] re-victimizes his family and friends.

Reporter Will Carless wrote a great piece about the case last May (see that piece here) and observed that Núñez's court file was "stuffed with letters from important and powerful political figures and California civic leaders." See story here.

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