Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ryan Back to Square One

The Chicago Tribune reports that a federal appeals has denied a request by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan (R) "to free him on bail so he can spend more time with his terminally ill wife, though the ex-governor's attorneys said they would continue working to win his release." More specifically, the court ruled that Ryan's lawyers had not "met the legal requirements that would allow for his release."

Ryan's lawyers can ask the Bureau of Prisons to grant a "long-term furlough" that would allow him to visit his wife "under conditions where he would have to stay at a county jail overnight." But they have already publicly announced that they will attempt to do exactly what they were trying to do way back in December of 2008, when Ryan was only 12 months into his 78-month sentence, claiming he was innocent and refusing anything like an apology: they will seek a commutation of sentence from the President of the United States, citing Ryan's personal relationship with Mr. Obama and the poor health of Ryan's wife. As the Tribune reported it back in 2008:
As part of the battle to secure clemency for her husband, the wife of former Gov. George Ryan penned a short note to President George W. Bush that U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood hand-delivered to a presidential aide.

In the note, Lura Lynn Ryan said, she reminded the president of the long friendship between their two families and spoke of her husband's efforts to help both the president and his father win election to the White House. She also told the president that she is ill and could use her husband's support at home.

"I asked him to please let him come home because I needed him because of my health," Mrs. Ryan, 74, said Friday from her Kankakee home in a telephone interview. "He knows both of us. We worked very hard for him, as we did for his father."
Such is the style of the Ryans and their lawyers. See story here.

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