Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tennessee: Bernie Ellis Gives it a Shot

The Nashville Scene notes that one Bernie Ellis has became "a cause celebre when he was busted for growing small amounts of cannabis on his farm." According to the Scene, Ellis "wasn't selling his stash; he was using it to offset a medical condition and sharing it with critically ill cancer patients, some of whom had been referred on the QT by sympathetic medical professionals." The result was four years' probation, loss of his 30-year career as a public-health epidemiologist, and loss of  25 acres of land to the government.

Now, the scene reports that Ellis is "appealing to the highest authority in the land — President Barack Obama" by announcing a  "campaign" to "get a pardon."  Previously, he obtained more than 300 "testimonials" from "otherwise law-abiding citizens" in order to get his sentence cut in half. See story here.

Additional information on this case can be found here

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