Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch List: No Pardon for Pollard!

Now that Dan Quayle and Mike Huckabee have spoken, Frank Anderson, a 27-year CIA veteran, has a piece in the L.A. Times which argues Jonathan Jay Pollard should "never" be pardoned because his life sentence is "appropriate." Anderson says espionage "is a serious crime" that deserves "severe punishments" and "strong condemnation" because it is "always a betrayal of the spy's duty to his country and countrymen." As for the notion that Pollard was spying on behalf of an "ally" (Israel), Anderson writes:
The essential point is that any nation that steals American defense or intelligence secrets does serious damage to our nation. It might be our friend in many other important ways. In this, it is the enemy. Pollard's crime would not be less heinous had he committed it on behalf of Canada or Ireland. His betrayal would not be more serious had he acted for Russia or North Korea. The judge who sentenced Pollard did not choose the punishment because of the country Pollard spied for but because disclosure of the secrets Pollard peddled did such damage to our country.
Anderson also claims that Pollard "violated a plea agreement" that "might otherwise have led to a lesser sentence" when he "launched a media campaign." As a result, it was Pollard who "brought maximum punishment upon himself." In addition, Pollard has chosen not to apply for parole. See complete editorial here.

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