Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jimmy Carter and Cuba. Again

The Wall Street Journal reports that 86-year old former President Jimmy Carter "arrived in Havana to fraternize with the Castros." The journal notes Carter as long "toiled to get the island's repressive military dictatorship more respect from the U.S." but, before coming home, he went on Cuban television "to argue for the release of the five Cuban spies known as 'the wasp network,' who are now serving time in U.S. prisons." The Journal deems this a "new low" for Carter (perhaps forgetting his 1979 release of the individuals who sprayed the House of Representatives with bullets and hit five members of Congress, a release which coincided with Castor's release of some CIA agents) as it "demonstrates complete disregard for the American criminal justice system" and increases "the nation's exposure to serious risk."

The FBI arrested Gerardo Hernández, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González Llort in 1998, after three years of investigation. Says the Journal:
Hernández was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the Cuban Air Force downing of two civilian aircraft flown by Cuban exiles from Florida in 1996. Four Americans died. The prosecution also showed that the "wasps" had sought to infiltrate U.S. military installations and to discover unprotected points along the Florida coast where arms and explosives could be brought into the country.
After a six hour meeting with Castro, expressed doubts about the trial and conviction of spies. He also promised to speak with President Obama about a pardon. See story here.

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