Friday, April 29, 2011

Ohio: Your Pardon is NOT in the Mail!

The Columbus Dispatch has an interesting article which, among other things, focuses on the case of one Christopher Banks, who has been waiting three years for a pardon to clear his name "of an old offense." Supposedly, former Gov. Ted Strickland approved of clemency for Banks back on January 7. But Banks is still waiting.

Further inquiries revealed Banks' name is on "a clemency spreadsheet," but that there is "no official paperwork" otherwise. It is has even been suggested to Banks that he might have to apply for clemency all over again (although the current administration "sympathizes" with him)! At least 5 others are similarly circumstanced.

The Dispatch notes Strickland was "rushing to complete all applications he received before leaving office" but he "ran into problems" because "he didn't act on any non-death-penalty cases until nearly three years into his four-year term." See story here.

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