Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oklahoma: Mayor Elect Rejected!

The story of 33-year old Christopher S. Linder has reached the pages of the New York Times (see previous post here). Linder, the proud owner of the Pawnee Cafe who was previously identified as inmate 151011, has been elected mayor of Pawnee, Oklahoma (population 2,000). In a recent  appearance before the State's five member Board of Executive Clemency, however, he was required to sit through an extensive review of his offense (participating in a drive-by shooting and transporting marijuana) and prison history, as well as his previous use of cocaine, LSD and marijuana, and his tattoo! When it was all over, only one member of the Board was willing to recommend clemency to Governor Jan Brewer (famous for rejecting the Board's recommendations when prison inmates are actually deemed innocent!) Linder has to wait three years before he can apply for clemency again. See story here.

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