Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Obama Pardon John Edwards?

Yes, we do ask, but only in the jovial spirit of previous posts one can enjoy here and here:

The Daily Mail reports:
The revelation about what the video tape actually contains would be the final nail in the coffin for [John] Edwards, who was said to be suicidal of the prospect he might have to go to jail over a separate federal grand jury investigation for alleged payments to take care of Miss Hunter in violation of campaign rules.
ABC News reports that, when Edwards announced he was running for President, "his mistress, campaign filmmaker Rielle Hunter, was there just a few feet away from [his] now deceased wife, Elizabeth." Edwards initially denied involvement with Hunter, saying the stories in fast circulation were "false and completely untrue." He also smiled widely, and confidently, while praising his "warm, loving beautiful, sexy" wife. Later, he seemed equally confident, if not outright proud, of his own sense that he had "consistently" refused to respond to "tabloid lies."

When Edwards finally decided to stop consistently misrepresenting the truth, he sat down alone, with an ABC News reporter, and - confident smile firmly in place - thanked a reporter for giving him "a chance to talk" to talk about his "mistake." Edwards said the affair (three years old) had been over for a "long time." But he also explained that his wife's cancer was in remission during his "short" affair and that he was a "small town boy" from North Carolina made good. The consequence was that he became "selfish" guy who felt "invisible." He also explained that the whole thing was "personal to his own family" and that - although he did not "want" to talk about it - he was "not the first person" to do what he did.

It was then revealed that two of his "big contributors" provided "tens of thousands of dollars that ended up supporting the mistress." See story here and here and here.

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