Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama (of Chicago) to Pardon a Packer?

NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk reports "memorabilia" belonging to former Green Bay Packer's guard Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston is "scheduled to be sold at auction" in order to pay off a $1.7 debt to the Internal Revenue Service. Among the items to be sold, Thurston's Super Bowl II ring! But, alas, members of a Facebook group are said to be "contacting" President Obama directly, in order to ask for a presidential pardon! Fan Tony Fonder weaves this intricate legal argument: "Without Fuzzy , there would NOT be a Titletown U.S.A.” Catherine Migliano, a "longtime friend" of Thurston and, evidently, an individual of sound mind, has told the Green Bay Press Gazette that all of the effort is not likely to do much good. See story here.

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Anonymous said...

Most people don't know a pardon from a parole and thats one of the reasons Presidential Pardons are a problem so its great that we have Professor Ruckman and this web site.

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