Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illinois: Blago v. Ryan

Rod Balgojevich goes down on 17 counts and faces a 200/300 year prison sentence and a couple of million dollars in fines in maximum sentence land?

Hold on to your hats, fans, remember: with 18 counts under his belt, it was reported that former Illinois Governor George Ryan was looking at a maximum prison sentence of 90-plus years, not to mention millions and millions of dollars in fines! But, as we all know, Ryan grudgingly apologized for "letting his supporters down" and walked out of court with a mere 78-month sentence (six and a half years). Fines? What fines?

Today, Ryan still has 34 months to go on his sentence.

Sure, some might have felt that (given the crimes and the potential sentence) a six-and-a-half-year sentence was mercy enough! But, per usual, Ryan was a different page. He defiantly declared his innocence as he entered prison and immediately appealed his conviction. When the courts proved competent, Ryan then began a slow, and at times, excruciatingly embarrassing, campaign for a commutation of his sentence from President George W. Bush - a campaign which was heartily supported by the likes of Senator Dick Durbin and Rod Blagojevich and continues to this day.

Rest assured, Blago will not go away quietly! See our previous coverage of Ryan here.

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JorgXMcKie said...

I hope Blago draws it out as long as possible. I don't pay taxes in IL, so I get the entertainment pretty much for free.

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