Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch List: Jury Selection for Clemens

Oh, it seems like just yesterday when Roger Clemens was the focus of very, very mild speculation (most of it within the State of Texas and/or via attorney Richard Emery) concerning a possible last-minute presidential pardon from fellow Texan George W. Bush.

Meanwhile Clemens' lawyerRusty Hardin, more than willing to make a mountain out of a mole hill, maintained that such speculation was the mere sport of the "insane" and/or people (like this blogger) "with too much time on their hands," because his client would "never" be convicted of anything.

Then, Barry Bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice - and is looking at a potential 10-year prison sentence. Then a federal grand jury indicted Clemens for lying to Congress. Today, jury selection is underway. Opening statements are expected next week. Guiding the process is none other than three-time Republican president appointee and former prosecutor Judge Reggie Walton - of Scooter Libby fame. Talk on the street is that Judge Walton is known for his tough sentencing.

One wonders if Mr. Hardin is still using the word "never" around the office!

In public, for now, it appears the only impressive-sounding, witty proclamation of Hardin amounts to the mere promise of a vigorous defense, or at least a great show! Good thing! One count of obstruction of Congress, two counts of perjury and three counts of making false statements amounts to about 30 years of prison (appropriately 4.28 years per Cy Young Award) and more than a million dollars in fines! To date, Hardin's legal strategy has been to reject a plea bargain involving no jail time (for the mere admissions of steroid use) and deride any notion of the potential relevance / value of clemency. So ...

Welcome back to PardonPower's Watch List, Mr. Clemens! We got lots and lots of time on our hands! See story here.

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