Thursday, August 25, 2011

California: Medical Parole

Senate Bill 1399, Medical Parole, attempts to reduce spending (and the States's $10 billion budget deficit) by allowing parole of "severely medically incapacitated inmates posing no threat to public safety." More specifically, the bill would eliminate expensive medical care and around-the-clock armed guards for inmates who are permanently medically incapacitated. But it would not apply to those who have been sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole. Such costs are estimated to about $2 billion per year on such costs.

Alfey Ramdhan feels such legislation is wise and pertinent to the case of her own mother, Patricia Wright. Wright was convicted of two felonies when her 7-year old daughter was caught stealing two 99-cent toys back in 1989. Ramdhan says Governor Brown "was willing" to sign her mother's clemency application in March of 2011, until he "discovered" her "two felonies, for these two toys." Now, Wright is said to have "fourth stage terminal cancer" and is "severely incapacitated."

Patricia's blog is Her petition: please grant compassionate medical release for Patricia Wright at See full story here.

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