Friday, August 19, 2011

North Carolina: Extensive Top Secret Investigation

NBC 17 (Durham) reports Erick Daniels was sent to prison for robbery when he was fourteen years old. Seven years later, Judge Orlando Hudson dismissed the charges against him because 1) Daniels had ineffective legal representation 2) prosecutors withheld evidence and 3) the police used a "flawed" photo lineup.

But in order to receive compensation for seven lost years, Daniels has to get a pardon, something Governor Bev Perdue does not seem anxious to grant. Indeed, a letter from Perdue's office says an "extensive investigation" had been performed, but it "failed to definitively establish Mr. Daniels' actual innocence." (Readers are invited to read the previous sentence several times over). The letter also notes that, due to "confidentiality concerns," the "details" of the investigation could not be shared. See story here.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that our Governor Perdue is following Easley by being very stingy with the pardons. I will vote for just about anyone who runs against her.

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