Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watch List: Edwards Free at Last!

Double shame on us for missing it, but former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards has finally been released from a half-way house. Indeed, he spoke last month at an awards dinner in Baton Rouge. It is reported that he:
posed for pictures, told off-color jokes and greeted a stream of well-wishers. After a decade away from the scene, he still remembered details about people and their families. If there were hard feelings left from the racketeering conviction that sent him to prison, they were nowhere to be seen as he received two standing ovations.
He also notes that he felt as though he came out of prison "more popular" than when he went in! Why? Because "because people realize that an injustice occurred and that I handled it like a man. I took it. I survived. I said that I would walk out, and I did." Quite Delphic that! See story here.

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