Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pennsylvania: Meaningless Symbolic Pardon Request No. 932

In September of 1911, a concrete dam collapsed and 260 million gallons of water headed down the valley. But Cora Brooks made a phone call and many of those in the path of destruction, one mile away, were able to escape. 78 died. So, Brooks was not without sympathy, three months later, when she pleaded guilty to the charges of running a “house of ill repute” and selling liquor without a license. The result was a mere $200 fine. But, PennLine notes, "the conviction still stands, and Cora’s distant relatives are now asking Gov. Tom Corbett to pardon her of her public sins." She has been dead for 70 years now. Oh Lord!

One supporter says Brooks was a "proverbial hooker" with a "heart of gold.” Another says Brooks "raised hell until about five years from the day she died.” A Coudersport attorney, however, says pardoning dead people is a "stupid idea" - even as he agrees to assist with paperwork because "he thought it was fun." See full story here.

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