Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greenwald, Dramatist Extraordinaire!

It is reported that Glenn Greenwald's new book, entitled, With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful, argues:
the Nixon pardon set a precedent that ushered in an era of “elite immunity,” a two-tiered legal system that exempts the rich and powerful from the laws applied to other Americans. The legacy of the pardon, Greenwald writes, is that "the United States has become a nation that does not apply the rule of law to its elite class."
We certainly look forward to the data which support that claim, as well as these:
Nowadays, with only rare exceptions, each time top members of the nation’s political class are caught committing a crime, the same reasons are hauled out to get them off the hook.
political and financial elites are now vested with virtually absolute immunity from the rule of law even when they are caught committing egregious crimes
We bet the supporting data in the accompanying chart (summarizing thousands upon thousands of cases) are going to be something to behold! I mean, no serious author would write such a thing, and certainly no serious press would publish it, without a world of impressive, systematic empirical evidence! No way this book is simply going to be laced with whining about a few highly publicized anecdotes that we all already know about!

Meanwhile, we are certain that criminal justice systems throughout the world, and throughout all of history, have had their built-in advantages for "elite classes." Ford's pardon of Nixon "ushered in" nothing. Greenwald claims:
[Ford] put a heroic spin on the betrayal of the rule of law: we end the “nightmare” of high-level criminality by sweeping it under the rug, protecting the wrongdoers, and pretending their crimes never happened.
Are you kidding? This is what counts as worthy of print? in a "new" book ??? Publishers please call my agent now !!! Greenwald's book must be really exciting stuff to read for those ignorant of Alexander Hamilton's mauling of George Washington's pardon of those found guilty of treason! Presidents in the 1800s pardoning bankers right and left? Charles W. Morse - never heard of him. Not even on Greenwald's screen. One can only wonder if his book bothers to note the manner in which the Nixon pardon contributed to a DECREASE in the use of the pardon power! See story here. See a sample from the book here.

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