Friday, October 21, 2011

Obama: The No Commutation of Sentence President

Only George W. Bush waited longer than President Obama to grant the first act of clemency in his term. To date, Obama has granted a paltry 17 presidential pardons (largely restoring the civil rights of persons who committed minor offenses decades ago) and zero commutations of sentence.

President              Days before First Commutation of Sentence
-----------              ---------------------------------------------------------
Obama                1,004 ... and counting
Clinton                  672
Reagan                  317
Eisenhower           282
Nixon                    282
H.W. Bush             206
Carter                    82
Ford (s)                  61
Truman (s)             54
Johnson (s)            30
Kennedy                 19


Anonymous said...

You always point out that (largely restoring the civil rights of persons who committed minor offenses decades ago) They still earned the pardon, just lucky enough to get it. I have followed your blog a long time, take a different approach rather than trying to shame the President into granting more pardons.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

Editor:Anon, I hardly think my little blog would shame the President of the United States into doing much of anything. But, more importantly, you should know that my larger interest is in informing readers (and those interested) in context and comparative data. I think it is both important and fair to compare Obama's use (or non-use) of clemency powers in exact ways. Best,

Henry E Clark Jr. said...

I also have followed this blog for a few years and "I" THANK YOU MR.Ruckman for you taking your time to informing us readers, I have never felt MR Ruckman tries to use his blog to shame anyone in Govorment power to grant any pardon..If this blog was not avaliable for us then many would never know when pardons, Federal or State are given....Thank You said...

I am interested in the process by which the selection of those people whose sentences are to be commuted occurs. How do they apply for the consideration?

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