Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Obama's Mercy: By the Numbers

* 22 pardons and 1 commutation of sentence
* Average distance between original sentence and executive clemency (24.3 years)
* Longest (50.5 years) / Shortest (9.7)
* Average age of clemency recipient (61 years - missing data for five recipients)
* Average length of time for processing applications (4.2 years)
* Longest (8.2 years) / Shortest (1.5)
* Average length of time applications sat at the White House (291 days)
* Longest (557 days) / Shortest (26 days)
* Typical recipient has had no prison sentence.
* Those with prison sentences have averaged 24 months.
* Most common offenses have been drug related.
* State featuring the highest number of pardons/commutations (Illinois, with three)


Anonymous said...

How do the statistics look for Petitions Pending? If there are 849 pending and the President has only granted 22 (2.6%) what happens to applicants who pass the screening and have no reason to be denied, but nothing ever happens to there application?

Anonymous said...

Their applications could be returned without action out of concerns that journalists might make it look like the President was soft on crime if he granted too many Pardons.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ruckman, what is your view?

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