Friday, December 9, 2011

Grits: Eat the Turkey, Pardon O Henry!

Over at Grits for Breakfast, there is particular annoyance at the fact that "President Obama's speech writers had the gall (or perhaps the philistinism) to include a quote from O Henry in the President's remarks 'pardoning' a Thanksgiving turkey." Grits notes:
O Henry [always] claimed he was innocent, but when accused of embezzling $748 from the Austin bank he worked for, he fled to Honduras, returning to face federal charges in 1898 after his wife became terminally ill. In a practice that wouldn't be allowed in today's TDCJ, he "began writing stories to support his young daughter while he was in prison," moving to New York to continue his career after his release.
After noting Rick Perry's less than "great" record on pardons (Perry granted more pardons in 2003 alone than Obama has throughout his entire tenure), Grits suggests:
... IMO that'd be good campaign strategy for an incumbent governor looking to burnish his positive image in the holiday season, using the authority of his office to seize press attention for a news cycle or two and to elevate himself above his rivals. Why not issue a coupla dozen or so gubernatorial pardons as a news hook, then attack Obama for his Scrooge-like clemency practices and for quoting a Texan during his trivializing turkey-pardon who merits a posthumous pardon himself. It would cost him nothing, it's an homage to a revered and influential Texan, and it rebukes Barack Obama after the President used the words of the Texas writer whose pardon was snubbed to commemorate the bullshit ritual of pardoning a turkey.
To which we say, Bravo! See full Grits post here!

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