Monday, December 12, 2011

On Blago

The South Bend Tribune notes that, during his 6 years as governor, Rod Blagojevich "meted out very little mercy when presented with petitions for clemency." Indeed, he entered the office with 10 clemency petitions awaiting review and left a backlog of 2,500! While he granted 134 petitions, he also denied about 2,000 - a "pretty Scrooge-like" mercy rate of about 6 percent. Pat Quinn, on the other hand, has a grant rate of about 38 percent (666 petitions granted, 1,069 denied).
Still, with audacity that might make other convicted felons blush, Blagojevich had his lawyers, family and supporters beg Judge James Zagel for leniency ... One thing is certain: Distressed Illinoisans could use some mercy right about now.
See full editorial here.

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