Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barbour's Preposterous Whining

Haley Barbour has been given editorial space in the Washington Post, but continues to stick to the ridiculous story line that he is an upright, Christian guy whose admirable behavior has simply been misunderstood by an irrational, crazed mob. He was simply too busy saving lives and comforting the afflicted post-Katrina to consider use of the pardon power. Yes. Yes.

But, for all of his whining, it is perfectly clear that Mr. Barbour 1) neglected the pardon power for eight years as he pondered whether or not to insert himself into the race for the Republican nomination to the presidency 2) that Barbour sat on favorable recommendations made to him by the State's parole board for months, perhaps years 3) that deserving clemency applicants suffered because of Barbour's callous neglect 4) that Barbour could have simply followed the recommendations of the State Parole Board in most of the cases, across eight years, and there would have been no controversy whatsoever. But, by waiting until his last day in office to suddenly have time for Christian mercy (so wildly popular in Mississippi), he cast a cloud of doubt and suspicion over the clemency process and the clemency recipients.

Barbour, of course, has no one to blame for the "furor" but himself. His disingenuous attempt to portray himself as a "victim" who is "going through" some tribulation because of a passionate, unthinking mob is more than a casual insult. It is further evidence that Barbour is, as he says, quite "comfortable" that he will in no way be held accountable for his actions.

Finally, it is well worthy of note that, while Barbour shamelessly attempts to wrap his incompetence in the pain and suffering cause by Hurricane Katrina, that he granted no pardons (as in ZERO) in the almost 600 days between his inauguration and Katrina. Barbour clearly had a habit / disposition toward devaluation of mercy (Christian, or otherwise) long before Katrina.

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